Welcome racers of all ages!  Redlands is proud to host the 30th year of races for the public at large!  Come test your bike skills and have some fun on the same course our world class pros use!  Invite your friends to join you in the School Duel competition, where the school with the most participation is awarded the School Duel Cup!  Free entry is available be taking our online nutrition quiz!

Each rider MUST turn in a completed Redlands Bicycle Classic Official Release Parents or Legal Guardians MUST sign the Release for any participant under the age of 18. Race numbers and event T-shirts will be distributed at Registration which will be located on the lower level of the parking structure on Citrus Ave at 5th Street.

Public Races / School Duel

  • Public Races Schedule (PDF)
  • Registration Online – see below (PDF optional)
  • Public Races Release (PDF) - must be hard copy
  • Online FitQuiz
  • School Duel Flyer Front/Back

About the School Duel

In an attempt to continually involve the supportive community of Redlands (as well as the surrounding areas), The Redlands Bicycle Classic features the School Duel. The School Duel is a constructive way for the youth of the community to show school spirit through their participation in healthy physical activity.

  • The Public Races at the Redlands Bicycle Classic are structured by age, but The School Duel entrants will be scored first in their respective category and separately by their grade in the School Duel. This will make it possible to have each entrant represent their school appropriately and still race with riders their same age.
  • School Duel entrants will be scored according to their placing in their event, which means if Johnny Smith gets 2nd place in the boys 6-year old race and the rider who won was not entered in the School Duel he will be given 22 points (as opposed to 25 points for first in the School Duel, see rules for point structure). The purpose of this is to ease scoring and allow for quick processing of the results, which will allow a winners presentation during one of the professional races.

Participation in the School Duel will directly benefit the local schools by providing a community event that will allow children to participate in a team atmosphere and individually contribute to a collective success.

Redlands Bicycle Classic School Duel Rules:

  • All students must register and designate their school and their grade on the entry form to be eligible to score points for their school. Students, who do not designate this information on the entry form, will not be scored.
  • Each age group race will have a school champion based on the highest total of points for all races (heats) in that age group. (Combining results of boys and girls races).
  • Three overall School Duel Champions will be crowned: Elementary School (through 5th grade) and Middle School (6th through 8th) and High School. This will be the total points earned from all races from the 6 year olds race on up. The Redlands Bike Classic will present the two winning teams with a perpetual trophy to display at their school until next year.
  • Each age race will be scored with 1 point per participant.
  • Each school will designate one person, at registration on Saturday, to be the contact for that team.

Public registration has been closed.