The 30th annual Redlands Bicycle Classic came to an exciting end on the streets of Redlands. The final day of the Classic featured the Sunset Road Race, and if the past has taught us anything being the race leader in the Yellow Jersey isn’t a guarantee of success going into Sunset.

Travis McCabe of Team Smart Shop had the slimmest of margins going into the final stage. He and his Smart Stop team had only a 27 second margin on the top 10 in the field. The warmer temperatures and winds on Sunset set up a game of attrition and when the moment was right Joseph Rosskopf of Hincapie Sportswear Development got in a break of four. Travis McCabe and the Smart Shop team fought to the end but Rosskopf took the virtual yellow and won the stage and the classic.

Joseph Rosskopf move paid off and he finished ahead of the field. That gap was more than enough time to take the yellow Jersey from Travis McCabe. The stage victory on Citrus Avenue in front of the cheering crowds was the cherry on top.

The final stage GC results were Joseph Rosskopf of Hincapie Sportswear Development, James Oram Bissell Development Team and Travis McCabe Smart Shop in 3rd place.

On the Women’s side Leah Kirchmann was holding 10 second lead over Alison Powers of United Healthcare going into Sunday’s stage. Tayler Wiles of Specialized-Lululemon was the aggressive rider of the afternoon as she was able to make a move that got her in a move with Mara Abbott and ended up finishing second in the stage. The yellow jersey group of Leah Kirchmann couldn’t reel back the move. Mara Abbott UnitedHealthcare ended up with the stage win and Tayler Wiles took second but with it sealed the GC victory.

The final women podium finished Tayler Wiles Specialized Lululemon, Mara Abbott UnitedHealthcare and Leah Kirchmann Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies.

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Wednesday, April 2

Finish Line at Baseline Street and Church Street, Highland

Thursday, April 3

East Boat Ramp, North Shore, Big Bear Lake

Friday, April 4

Start/Finish at 6th Street east of Beaumont Avenue

Saturday, April 5

Start/Finish Citrus Avenue, Downtown Redlands

Sunday, April 6

Start/Finish Citrus Avenue, Downtown Redlands